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The Georges Pompidou Centre

The Georges Pompidou Centre is just a 8 minute walk from our hotel.

In 1969, the French president Georges Pompidou decided to create a pluridisciplinary cultural centre on the Beaubourg plateau right at the centre of the City.

President Pompidou wanted to create something completely new & fresh: a dynamic cultural environment that would include an impressive public library, a renewed version of the National Museum of Modern Art (which could previously be found within the Palais de Tokyo) and a music centre supervised by French composer & director Pierre Boulez, the famous IRCAM centre.

In some way, one could say that Pompidou’s dream came true as the area around the massive Beaubourg building has expanded considerably over the years: not only is the G. Pompidou Centre more than just a museum (art films & musical events are constantly featured there), but you can find many other interesting places around the Beaubourg plateau: a very much-appreciated section of the MK2 cinemas, for instance, or the House of Poetry (La Maison de la Poésie) which feature many great events as well.

Feel free to wander & discover many interesting places to eat as well (especially in the rue Quincampoix, for instance)! Can you find this one?!?


Address: Place Georges-Pompidou - 75004 - Paris - france