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Opéra Garnier

Inaugurated in 1875 after many adventures, at the end of an avenue pierced for the safety of an emperor who died before its completion, the Opera Garnier, named after its architect is no longer the only Opera in Paris since the Opéra Bastille opened in 1989. It is nonetheless a monument to eclectic architecture and is very popular with tourists.

The ceiling of the theater was painted by Marc Chagall in 1964 at the request of Andre Malraux then Minister of Culture.

25 minutes walk
Underground River
Dancers in tutus
Ghost School
Voices of divas

Prestigious venue 20 minutes from the hotel, you can book your tickets on the website.

Address: Opéra Garnier - 75009 - Paris - France Phone: 01 71 25 24 23 Website: www.operadeparis.fr Twitter: twitter.com/operadeparis Facebook: www.facebook.com/operadeparis