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Sentier Hôtel du Cygne

Hotel in Paris


Between the old quarter of the press and the Paris Bourse, streets especially rectilinear but which have nooks and crannies.

It was called Silicone Sentier because of the telecommunications and digital companies that had settled there. Before these state-of-the-art technologies, at 2 rue de Damiette, one recalls the memory of the court of Miracles, which Victor Hugo dreamed of as a sort of kingdom of the mobsters (see Rue de la Grande Truanderie which passes behind the Hôtel du Cygne ). A kingdom in the kingdom of France which has its king, its court, its tribunal, and its customs, and which could go so far as to march against the representatives of the king of France.

André Chénier, the poet who opposed the Terror and Robespierre, who will be guillotined in 1794 at 31 years lived there, a plaque reminds him, and a street in his name.

Our photo shows the oasis of Aboukir, vegetalized wall, hymn to biodiversity in a somewhat mineral neighborhood.

Le Sentier is a district dedicated to textile making since the 19th century. This activity reached its peak in the 1980s. Even today, a recent President has his tailor. There are a lot of trendy restaurants.

Address: Sentier - 75002 - Paris - France