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Châtelet square

The Place du Châtelet takes its name from the Grand Châtelet, which served as a prison and court under the Ancien Régime.

Right on this view of the square, taken from the bridge at the Exchange, the Théâtre de la Ville, formerly known as the Sarah Bernhardt Theater, today a beacon for contemporary dance (Pina Bausch presented each of her creations) and the theater. It was at this location that Gerard de Nerval hanged himself, in the basement of what was then a sordid alley, with a night that was to be “white and black”.
From the top of the Saint-Jacques tower, last vestige of the church of butchers, Pascal would have made experiments on the atmospheric pressure.

On the left, the Palm Fountain, commissioned in 1806 by Napoleon I to commemorate his victories in Italy, Egypt, Prussia and Poland.

Still further left, out of context, the Théâtre du Châtelet, where musicals have recently had great success.

11 minutes walk
Vestige of the Butchers’ Church
Memory of the Death of Nerval
Not far from the street of Flamel
Sign for all pilgrims

Address: Square de la Tour Saint-Jacques - 75004 - Paris - france