While passing the door of the Hôtel du Cygne, nested in the hollow of a building of the 17th century, you will make an experiment. You walked in this lively neighborhood of the Forum des Halles, ancient place of the old market, called to become the center of Grand Paris.

Or you came from far away, from the old Palais du Louvre, now this huge museum on the banks of the Seine, or from the Centre Georges Pompidou, with its large blue pipes, or from the Place du Châtelet with its two theaters facing each other, from where you could see the tower of St-Jacques with its statues on the top of it. You may have gone by Rue Montorgueil because you were hungry, or in the Marais, all the way to Place des Vosges just to say hello to Victor Hugo: what a journey you made!

But here, the threshold once crossed, quietness surprises you. You feel that someone has been able to choose shapes and materials to create an environment that is as conducive to work as to reverie. If space is scarce, it speaks to the traveler a comforting language there.
The hotel has two staircases dating from the 17th century on three floors but no elevator. We help you carry your luggage. Do not hesitate to ask us a room on the first floor if needed.
Our rooms are not suitable for desabled people.


Our best rate: non-refundable, non-modifiable but the least expensive all categories combined.


Special discount on our internet rate by booking in advance. The sooner you book, the less money we take.


Special price for Sundays almost all year: enjoy it to visit the museums, exhibitions and monuments that make you want.

Hôtel du Cygne Paris

3 Rue du Cygne, Paris, 75001, France